2015 China-Ireland Biomedical Workshop Registration - ISCP China
Thank you for your interest in participating in the 2015 China-Ireland ISCP Biomedical Workshop, Guangzhou, China 欢迎参加2015中国-爱尔兰ISCP生物医药专题研讨会并感谢您对会议的支持! Opening ceremony/reception on 18 March 2015 – Dong Fang Hotel, By Invitation Only. 开幕仪式/晚宴 – 东方宾馆,2015年3月18日,仅限邀请。 Conference (会议) 19 March 2015 at Academic Hall, 13th Floor, No. 10 Building, Guangzhou Medical University, 195, Dongfeng Xi Road, Guangzhou City, China 2015年3月19日,广州市东风西路195号广州医科大学10号楼13层学术报告厅 Registration is free and we kindly ask you to complete the information below. Online registration deadline is 13 March 2015. Conference handbook can be downloaded from this link: ISCPChina_Bio_workshop_handbook_2015_FINAL 会议注册是免费的,注册截止日期是2015年3月13日。为了会务组织之便,请填写下列表格,谢谢! Contact email (联系邮件): Dr. Yinya Liu 刘茵雅 (YINYA.A.LIU@NUIM.IE) [gravityform id="8" name="2015 China-Ireland Biomedical Workshop Registration "]