Episode 82 | The Dinosaur Tangent | I Read Comic Books Podcast
This week's episode was recorded on August 28th, 2016. Brian and Tia join Mike to talk about... well, the intention this week was to talk about re-reading comics, but there were about twenty different tangents--dinosaurs being primarily one of them. Re-reading comics is a strange thing for Mike, but Brian and Tia make their case and all hell breaks loose when Jurassic Park gets brought up. Comic Reads/Picks for this week Bakuman Volume 4 Invincible #130 Renato Jones #4 Batman: City Of Owls The Hellblazer #1 Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur #10 Hellcat #9 She Wolf #3 My Friend Dahmer Secret War (2015) Civil War The Wicked and Divine #22 Han Solo #3 Lazarus #24 Mercury Heat #11 Relevant Links/Information Mike - @mikerapin Tia - @PortraitOfMmeX Brian - @Brianhead Timestamps: Start/Last Week in Comics - 00:00:00 Comic Picks - 00:22:05 The Lazarus Rundown - 00:29:45 Re-reading Comics - 00:34:18 From this point on, we talk about dinosaurs - 00:43:34 Credits - 01:03:54 Dinosaurs and