Episode 181 | Special Guests: Pat Shand & Emily Pearson | I Read Comic Books Podcast
This episode was recorded on November 18th, 2018! This week, we have a special interview episode with Pat Shand (Destiny, NY and Breathless) and Emily Pearson (The Wilds). Mike, Brian, and Kait dive into their new book out on December 5th, Snap Flash Hustle. Pat and Emily tell us about their new book and Pat explains his obsession with Hello Fresh. Timestamps 00:00:00 - Start/Last Week in Comics00:10:30 - Comic Picks00:19:48 - Snap Flash Hustle with Pat Shand and Emily Pearson00:48:41 - The Equivalent of Putting Your Art on the Fridge00:52:00 - Wrap/Credits Comic Picks / What We Read This week: Long LostBlack: Devil's DyeHeathenSubmergedWhite AshStrangers in ParadiseBlack Canary (2015-2016) Volume 1In Real LifeLife is Strange #1Bitter Root #1The Uniques Vol. 1Black Hammer: Age of Doom #7Smooth Criminals #1Shuri #2Venom Volume 1Come Into Me #4 Relevant Links/Information MikeBrianKaitEmily Pearson@emishlyartPat Shand@patshand twitter@patshand instagramSnap Flash Hustle at