Episode 128 | As Someone Who Went To The Louvre… | I Read Comic Books Podcast
This episode was recorded on September 17th, 2017. Mike is back from Paris and boy is he cultured (not really... never. Ever.)! Luckily, Nick and Tia are great and know a lot and make up for the lack of culture as the trio dive in to discussing the unsung heroes of comics: Letters, Editors, Flatters, Colorists, Inkers, and more! Timestamps 00:00:00 - Start/Last Week in Comics 00:32:55 - Comic Picks 00:41:59 - The Unsung Heroes of Comics 01:14:27 - Wrap/Credits 01:18:51 - Mike Rapin, Art Historian Comic Reads/Picks for this week Generation X #6 Strong Female Protagonist Book One Destiny, NY Vol 1 Sunstone Volume 1 Fante Bukowski Two Divinity #0 Black Hammer #10 X-O #6 Chew Vol 5 Major League Chew Runaways #1-2 Doctor Aphra #12 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank #5 Bitch Planet: Triple Feature #4 Bloodshot Salvation #1 Mirror #8 Relevant Links/Information Mike - @mikerapin Tia - @PortraitOfMmeX Nick - @dethstarplnz Episode 44 | That's a Bingo!! (all about colorists) That scene from Chasing Amy