How to Teach Like a Greek | iPatriot
We have a great civilization to save --- or to lose. The greatest civilization before ours was the Greek. They challenge us, and we must meet the challenge. Our world today is dangerous. They too, lived in a dangerous world. They were a little, highly civilized people, the only civilized people in the West, surrounded by barbarous tribes and with the greatest Asiatic power, Persia, always threatening them. In the end they succumbed, but the reason they did was not that the enemies outside were so strong, but that their own strength, their spiritual strength, had given way. While they had it, they kept Greece unconquered and they left behind a record in art and thought which in all the centuries of human effort since has not been surpassed. In the end, more than they wanted freedom, they wanted security, a comfortable life, and they lost all --- security and comfort and freedom.