The haunted Ship Inn and other ghosts of Acaster Malbis
Acaster Malbis is a village less than ten miles away from the historic city of York. It is thought that the village's name may come from a Roman settlement. The word 'castra' means 'camp' in Latin and perhaps Malbis relates to the land-owning Malbis family who lived there. The Ship Inn The new owners of The Shop Inn by the River Ouse have reported a number of ghostly incidents. It is thought that the pub is haunted by Bob the Stoker, a regular of the inn until his death. The fire in the pub has been reported as lighting itself - despite having four pints of water poured on it. The nickname "Bob the Stocker" was give to Bob, who died 50 years ago, because he would sit and constantly stoke the same fire. The new pub manager, Alan Deans, told local press that a lamp has also been known to fly off its shelf in the bar. The Ship Inn's owner, Carol Temple, has also admitted to press that she has had her own ghostly encounter, "I had bent down to get something out of a cupboard and I felt a cold shiver, so I stood up and turned around and I saw a grey figure coming past me – it was only about a foot away from me.