No Slowdown - In His Shoes
Next Step #455: Priest and Warrior: Introspection and assignments at the Feasts of Ghevontyants and Vartanants. Post-notes on post-Standing Rock. The priest and the politician: disappointment and delight. The missing conversation and questions from the Bible: Spiritual complexity made simple through Jesus. Avoid neck ache by reading the Bible. Lenten life for 2017 – directions for the journey. The Apple Mystique – “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors…” Duck & Cover: Anxiety and fear build up to the last war. “Midnight Oil” by Holly Miranda Standing with Standing Rock Lenten Journey 1 Lenten Journey 2 (Healing) Lenten Journey 3 (Badarak) Ripley’s Apgar RECLAIM conference: Engineered byRead More