Dangerous Ways (The Books of Winter #1) by R.R.Virdi | Indie Sci-fi and Fantasy
My review: Dangerous Ways is the first book in a new series from the Dragon award-nominated finalist R.R.Virdi. You do not need to have read either Grave Beginnings or Grave Measures to follow this story, although if you have, there are some Easter eggs in Dangerous Ways that may well bring a smile to your face. It is clear from the onset that Jonathan Hawthorne is no ordinary man: 'When I stood here well over a hundred years ago, Longacre Square was the center of New York's carriage industry. Today, Times Square was a colored pinwheel caught in a blizzard.' From the very first line, my interest was piqued, and as is normal for one of R.R.Virdi's books, I was invested in the characters, plot, and story by the end of the first chapter. Story: Jonathan Hawthorne lives outside time and is governed by one very strict rule: do not meddle in mortal affairs. Unfortunately, he's already broken this rule – twice – and when he meets Cassidy Winters, he interferes again. Chased by unknown