Tour: The Devil Don't Sleep by Janine Infante Bosco ⋆ IndieSage PR
Sometimes we must let go of what was, appreciate what remains and fearlessly embrace what comes next. Sebastian “Bas” Born to a family of outlaws, I was destined to ride with the Satan’s Knights MC. With mayhem and havoc in my blood and chaos living deep in my soul, I learned the Devil don’t sleep. You never hear him creeping and he often comes disguised as everything you ever wanted. I was just teenager when she first showed, masquerading as the girl of my dreams. A whiskey shootin’ spitfire who knocked me on my ass and helped me turn the town upside down. The girl who stole my heart with her smile and never gave it back. The same bitch who ruined me and turned my blood to ice. It's been six years since I turned my back on Mac, my family and my club. I’ve pushed her to the back of my head, wrote everyone off and damned the Kentucky charter to hell. But, where God built a church, the Devil built a chapel. Now, her life is on the line and it's clear I’m still a sucker for her gorgeous chaos because I’m the one riding to her rescue. Mackenzie “Mac” I often dreamed of what it would be like to stare into Bas’ blue eyes again. To hear his raspy voice whisper his love for me and feel his strong arms around me. After all, it’s always been in his embrace that I felt the safest. In my dreams, he abolishes my sins and forgives me for breaking both our hearts. But this is no dream. I’m running from a nightmare and the one running with me, looks at me with enough anger to burn the world to ash. Once upon a time, we were in love. Once upon a time, it was us against the world. Once upon a time, he didn’t look at me and see the Devil. If only he knew the truth. If only he knew the Devil was a broken angel with tattered wings. An angel who sacrificed her heart and soul for him. ***NOTE: Contains explicit sexual situations, violence, offensive language, and mature topics. Not recommended for people under the age of 18***