Tour: Summer Fling by Tarrah Anders ⋆ IndieSage PR
Small towns are perfect for summer vacations and summer flings. The night before tourist season hits their sleepy little town, Emma had an impromptu drunken romp with a guy from a party… only to run into him just a few days later. After her last major heartbreak, Emma swore off dating any of the out of towners. She had never questioned that decision… until Royce arrived in town. At first, she thought he was just like any other tourist during the season, here today, gone tomorrow. However, when proved to her that he was putting down roots, that all changed. Emma can only trust what she knows. Tourists always leave and relationships began with them always have an expiration date. She has to protect her heart, even if she knows that if he goes, he will be taking it with him. Only, Royce insists that he is in it for the long haul wants to build his life with her and in Sweeny. He starts giving her a note per date spelling out a single message— one painstaking word at a time. When all of a sudden the past comes barreling into Sweeny and starts to torment both Emma and Royce.