Blitz: Strike by Cora Brent ⋆ IndieSage PR
My mother the romance writer always warned that love is like a lighting bolt; it strikes without warning. After all, that was what happened to my parents. It’s a story I’ve been hearing all my life. But my plans don’t involve getting struck by either lightning or love. I’ll be too busy finishing my journalism degree and landing a job in a city far more sophisticated than Phoenix. I thought I had it all mapped out, starting with a highly coveted summer internship in New York. However, when my big opportunity falls through I have no choice but to head back to the Gentry homestead and accept the only available summer job at a local resort. What I was expecting was a dull, tedious summer handing out spa towels and herbal soap. What I got was danger. And scandal. And insufferably sexy, arrogant nightclub boss Dalton Tremaine….