Treatments | Implicity Hypnotherapy
Hypnotherapy offers a gentle and natural way to address a wide range of conditions, some of which are shown below. If your issue is not covered here please do still get in touch as this list is not exhaustive. Anxiety Anxiety is a general feeling of nervousness, unease or worry. Nearly everyone will feel anxiety at some time or another, but when this builds and continues for a sustained period of time the effects can be debilitating. Anxiety is perhaps the condition which causes most clients to seek help from hypnotherapy. Whether it presents in an easily recognisable form such as with panic attacks, or whether it is less obvious, many conditions are caused by, or made worse by, some level of anxiety. Using Solution Focused Hypnotherapy techniques I can help you to focus on how you want things to be, calming and reducing underlying anxiety and gaining a clearer perspective on life. Insomnia and Sleep Problems Sleep problems may be either the inability to get to sleep, waking