Solution Focused Hypnotherapy | Implicity Hypnotherapy
What is Hypnotherapy? Hypnotherapy is a type of talking therapy which combines psychotherapy with hypnosis. A typical hypnotherapy session is structured firstly to help you positively define the changes you are seeking in your life. We also take time to understand how the brain is actually working, directly relating this to the particular issues you wish to address. We follow this with hypnosis, some time spent in a state of deep relaxation which helps to consolidate this focus and understanding. "Focus On The Solution Not The Problem" The type of hypnotherapy I practice is known as Solution Focused Hypnotherapy. This is a particular specialism which, instead of looking back at all that has "gone wrong" in your life, encourages you to focus on what you want for your future. The major advantage of this approach is the speed with which significant improvements can often be achieved. By switching your focus to a positive view of your own desired future, your subconscious