Wolves on the prowl…for Easter Eggs? | | i love WEREWOLVES
Happy Easter Everyone! If you have an Easter Egg hunt planned for today, rest assured you're not the only one! In fact, rest assured it's not only humans that hunt eggs on Easter! Yesterday at the South Salem Wolf Conservation Center some wolves got a chance to try out their hunting skills - and their prey? Not bunnies, but something close! Easter Eggs! The center's staff planned the hunt special for the wolves, and allowed visitors to the Center to watch the unusual event. And what could be even more unusual than wolves hunting Easter Eggs? The surprising gentleness with which the wolves eat the eggs! First licking the outer shell to test form and texture, then making a small crack in the shell from which to lick the inner goo, and finally walking away when the inner goodness is gone. According to the Center,the Easter Egg hunt was accomplished by hiding dozens of eggs around the pen of three wolves. The wolves were then let back in the pen and the hunt was on! Want to know how the