Wolf's Mona Monkey | | i love WEREWOLVES
Wolf's Mona Monkey- Cercopithecus wolfi A werewolf monkey?! Unfortunately not, although it may sound like this Old World monkey is named after a wolf it isn't. They say that this monkey is named after its founder. The Wolf's Mona Monkey oddly enough has what looks like could be a "werewolf look" or even a "wolf look." He has light brown colorings and significantly pointed parts in the fur. This does make him look like a wolf, you know, if a monkey could be a wolf! The Wolf's Mona Monkey belongs to the family Cercopithecidae and is part of the Old World Monkey grouping. This makes me think... If a monkey could be a werewolf or a vampire which one would it be? I think that if a monkey could either of the "cursed" it would be a vampire monkey. Just because they are so out of touch with humans, and I can picture a monkey jumping on a humans back just to bite him in the neck! He is the ultimate creeper vampire.