wolfman werewolf review | | i love WEREWOLVES
What a waste of time! The more I think about the movie The Wolfman the more I dislike it. To the werewolf community don't waste your time... to horror fans, It's not all that. What was surprising about The Wolfman movie? First of all, I never saw the original movie so I had no expectations for what I would see. I was (pleasantly) surprised from a horror movie fan perspective to see that the werewolf movie did not hold back on the R rating. I didnt even know it was rated R until heads were flying and blood was splattering. So, to my surprise I was entertained when they did not hold back the Hollywood werewolf from tearing up the screen. I was also surprised that it was not at all scary. While the Hollywood werewolf did do alot of killing is was not scary at all... fail... What was not surprising about the werewolf movie? The Hollywood werewolf was definilty not a shock. I knew going in that Hollywood created this movie long ago and this was going to be a remake. I was/am always excited