Wolf Dog Hybrid | | i love WEREWOLVES
The wolf dog hybrid is not the same as a weredog. (Find out what a weredog is.) The wolf dog hybrid, like the werewolf, is however a creature that is misunderstood by most humans and thus feared. As with any creature that is outside of what humans consider to be the norm, it is important to first understand what it is and its history in order to understand the creature itself. A wolf - dog hybrid is essentially a wolf that has been bred with a domestic dog. At first, it may not seem that unusual...these are both four legged animals - and the wolf even seems fairly dog-like, so what's so unusual about this? Well, yes, you are right, they are both canids, however wolves and dogs differ incredibly in terms of temperament, trainability, aggressive tendencies, and social behaviors. While wolves and dogs do have genes which allow them to hybridize, it is not something that is common - or - according to many - should even be encouraged. In fact, there are only approximately 300,000 of