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When is the Witching Hour? Depending on what source you reference, there are different ideas on when the witching hour is. Some sources state it is at midnight, whereas others say anytime between midnight and 3am will qualify as the Witching Hour. Many other sources however state that the Witching Hour is typically between 3am - 4am. What is it? The Witching hour is said to be the time of night during which creatures that humans do not want to meet (ghouls, demons, ghosts, witches, spirits) are most powerful and most active. Black magic and spells are also strongest at this time of night. If you are out during this time of night expect odd, unusual, and disturbing things to happen. How to protect yourself? In many cultures it is believed the best way - and perhaps the only way - to protect yourself during the Witching Hour is simply to not be outside during that time of night (especially on halloween!). What is the History of the Witching Hour? It is believed that the Witching Hour