where have all the werewolves gone? | | i love WEREWOLVES
Werewolves were so much more prevalent hundreds of years ago... so much so that people worshiped them. People feared them. People told stories about them at night. Some people wanted to be one. Others wanted no part of what they considered a "curse". But then they disappeared. Oh, not completey, there were still stories that were told and people still knew of their existence...but for the most part, compared to how prominent they had been, they disappeared. The sightings were fewer and farther between. The change took place over time, and seemed to keep pace with the changes in technology. Many modern day people use this as a sign and signal that people are getting smarter, werewolves never existed, they are all myth and legend. If werewolves were ever real, "where have they all gone?" they say. Where have they gone? The werewolves are around you. They have blended in with society. And they are not what people expect them to be. They are not the hulking evil monsters of times gone by..