Where does the werewolf tail come from??! | | i love WEREWOLVES
Where does the werewolf tail come from??! Where does it go? We just had a poll that that asked the question, "does the werewolf have a tail," the results of this poll were pretty surprising! The results were nearly evenly split on "yes they always have tail" and "most do have tails" ...depending. What this is saying is that most of you think that the werewolf does indeed carry a tail! Why is this surprising? Well, for one, if a werewolf does have a tail where did it come from? Obviously the human side of the wolf did not have the tail, so this would leave only one obvious answer; the tail grew in the process of transforming from the wolf side. Which then leads to the obvious fact that once the werewolf is ready to change back the tail must shrink back into shape! What I would like to point out is that this process would be rather long, possibly the longest part of the transformation depending on how long the tail actually is. But what if the tail did not actually "shrink" back during