what makes a werewolf evil or good | | i love WEREWOLVES
One interesting point that author W.R.S. Ralston makes in his book analyzing the legends of Russia is when he discusses what makes a werewolf good vs. evil. those that try everything to become werewolves = bad!? One point that he attempts to make is that he believes that any humans who attempt to become werewolves in a purposeful way through some sort of spell, incantation, or other method are evil. These people are generally those who are after an elusive power and come into the very idea of being a werewolf already corrupted in their spirit, mind, and heart. These individuals crave power, and usually for some ill that they wish to do - their nature, even as a human is not longer good, therefore they cannot be good as a werewolf... he claims that many of these individuals are even "dealers in the black art". those that "accidentally" become werewolves = good!? On the otherhand, Ralston indicates that not all werewolves are evil - rather those individuals who are born or otherwise come