What is the biggest threat to the werewolf? | | i love WEREWOLVES
The werewolf has no natural predators, so for all intensive purposes, there should be no concern as to what could threaten the species. Yet there are a few things that pose some degree of threat to the werewolf... 1. Vampires This is of course the most common response that most will give when asked what is the biggest threat to the werewolf. Vampires and werewolves are after all not known for their comraderie. Yet the ancient legends of the supposed hatred between the two species is not as black and white today as it once was. Yes, there are some vampire clans that absolutely detest werewolves and have made it their mission to see the species gone. There are others however that have found their peace, and have no issues coexisting with werewolves - instead they see other threats as more immediate and that pose problems to both species and are focusing their attention on those concerns. 2. Humans It is ironic that although werewolves are humans, humans pose a significant threat to