What is an omega wolf? | | i love WEREWOLVES
The traditional wolf pack has a hierarchy, or ranking, that is established within itself. The top ranking member of the wolf pack is known as the "Alpha" wolf, the next in line from the top is known as the "beta" wolf, and the bottom ranking member of the pack is known as the "omega" wolf. It is worth noting that a wolf pack can have many more members than just the alpha, beta, and omega. The key positions in the pack however are typically one of these three. The omega wolf is the lowest ranking member of a wolf pack, regardless of how many other pack members there are. Typically, there is both an omega female wolf and an omega male wolf. Because the omega wolf ranks at the bottom of the pack, he (or she) is generally picked on by other wolves. The omega is also submissive to other wolves, and generally is relegated to eating last. Pack rank is not a rigid thing, and can change as wolves challenge the alpha for their position. Also, members of a pack can leave changing a pack's