what is a female werewolf called? | | i love WEREWOLVES
While there are indeed many creatures that have both a feminine version of the name and a masculine version of the name - werewolves are not part of that group....the word werewolf applies to both male and female werewolves. The word can be used interchangeably to refer to either gender. Occasionally, however you might also hear the term "shewolf". While not a popular way to refer to a girl werewolf, very occasionally you might hear this term when referring to female werewolves, making it an acceptable usage of the term. The reason it's not used often is because the term shewolf does have other meanings which are generally more popular including "female wolf" or even sometimes "predatory woman". Just hearing someone referred to as a "shewolf" therefore does not necessarily mean they are a female werewolf. Recently, the singer Shakira popularized the term even more with her song entitled "shewolf". While the song is not about werewolves, she does have some interesting comments