what are the odds of becoming a werewolf? | | i love WEREWOLVES
Unfortunately, the chances that you will ever become a werewolf in your lifetime are incredibly small. One of the things that humans like to say is, "Well, all I have to do is be bitten by one and I'll turn into one!" While this is easy to say, in actuality it is much harder than you would think to get it to come to pass. First First, you'd have to actually run into a werewolf in person. Yes, you can find werewolves online in little corners of the webverse where they can remain anonymous, but to actually find one in person is going to be a whole other story! Not only are werewolves very protective of their privacy, but also the population of werewolves in today's world is infinitesimally small compared to their population - in other words, the chances that you would actually meet one (and know it) are smaller than your chances of winning a major lottery! Second Then, even assuming that you could meet one, and assuming that being bitten by that particular werewolf would turn you into