What a werewolf smells like | | i love WEREWOLVES
I mentioned that werewolves do not have any natural predators, and that when animals catch the scent of a werewolf they will stay clear. So someone recently asked me, "well, what do werewolves smell like? As a human, how do I know if I am near a werewolf?" Well, these are actually two very different questions. There are a few different methods to identify a werewolf, and for humans, this does not really include what a werewolf smells like. Animals will be able to identify a werewolf because they have very strong senses of smell. Humans however do not have a very strong sense of smell. Some humans - those with extremely good senses of smell - might be able to catch a faint hint of the werewolf, but for the most part they cannot. If a human could smell a werewolf, the smell would be appealing, although very hard to describe. The closest way to describe it would be like the very faint smell of wet tree bark.