What a real werewolf would look like!! | | i love WEREWOLVES
If you saw a werewolf would you know what it looked like? If ever there were a real picture that actually caught a werewolf on camera this would probably be it! The snout of this "werewolf" seems a little long but could work for a wolf. The ears are nearly perfectly placed and a very nice length, definitely large enough for the super duper hearing that a real one has. The eyes show that this werewolf has been stressed by the transformation, and the claws ready and extracted for any circumstance. However persuading this photograph seems to be of a real werewolf caught on camera it really is not a werewolf! This is a your average bear! Thats right, an average bear that roams the forests of the earth. This bear is actually in a zoo and is bald because of a mysterious condition that was afflicted upon it. So, what do you think? Would a werewolf look like this if you were to see one in its transformed state?