werwolves and vampires past can be history | | i love WEREWOLVES
Lets repair the vampire werewolf past. I am thinking about the Vampires voice overshadowing that of the werewolves; and I am thinking of the benefit the werewolves would have if the they were heard louder than the Vampires. If the humans were to listen to the werewolves more often more would be done to end the Vampires assault on the werewolf. What I affraid of is that it wont, and that we would merely be running into the same problems that have existed for centuries. The Vampire will still have their opinions of the wolves. But the hatred or elite feeling they have is from the older Vampires, the Vampires who grew up in a world where the battle bewtween them raged. When there was a necessary meaning for one to take a stand, to claim land, to claim their place in life. In today's world things seem to be different, and this is hard to grasp. Even for the wolves it is hard to look past the way that humans and Vamps feel about wolves. But we can, we can look past it, the new generation of