werewolves never forget | | i love WEREWOLVES
Werewolves. The werewolf. What makes the werewolf tick? By tick I mean what is the werewolf, what are the weighted ones inner desires...what are his or her dreams, escapes? ... why is the werewolf the most uniques creature on earth?.... The weighted one is unique. He/ She searches day by day for answers, and everyday discovers answers. Each day the werewolf (or weighted one) is presented with questions and each day goes to rest with new answers. It seems it's an endless cycle, it is. But each day is more satisfying than the next, each day that is answered will be a new day with questions. The curiosity eases the soul of the weighted one, the answers gratify the weighted one. The knowledge gained is received and processed, never to be forgotten, wisdom will mold the soul of the werewolf, knowledge will flood the weighted ones body and soul.... forever... the werewolf never stops learning... the werewolf never forgets werewolves dream at night, and live the dream by day