Werewolves and Christmas | | i love WEREWOLVES
Do werewolves celebrate Christmas? Werewolves have a human side to them, and do not lose that when they find out they are werewolves. Many still celebrate the holidays and traditions they grew up on when they were humans. If when they were only human they celebrated Christmas, then they are likely to celebrate the holiday when they are werewolves as well. But if they didn't believe in Christmas at all, then they still don't believe in Christmas. In other words, being a werewolf does not necessarily effect what holidays you celebrate. Christmas Werewolf Superstitions Humans on the other hand are very superstitous about werewolves and Christmas. Some human cultures believe they are more likely to spot werewolves around holidays like Christmas. One good example of this is the country of Romania which has a custom called Colinde, or Colinda which are traditional Romanian Christmas carols. This Romanian custom is a big event, where groups gather and are led by a leader door to door