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We've had some some people asking about werewolves anime and manga out there. So, here's a listing of some of the more popular ones... Wolf's Rain is one of the more popular animes about four wolves who form a pack to seek out the Flower Maiden to find Paradise. Fairy Musketeers is about a world of magic that has witches and - talking wolves. Wolf Guy is a 1992 series about a werewolf. Princess Resurrection is a manga about a boy who meets a woman he must serve. The anime has werewolves and vampires. Magical Pokan is anime that has both a werewolf and vampire in it, the females explore the world of humans. Millenium Snow has werewolves and is a manga about a teenage girl and a vampire who must save her life. Spriggan is a manga that has a lyncanthrope. Inuyasha the Dog-Boy has a half-demon dog, half human boy (not quite a werewolf).