werewolf with an open mind | | i love WEREWOLVES
An open mind for the werewolf can bring new possibilities, new dreams you never imagined until the moment you open your mind. Building a better inner being for the wolf can get you far, and in the long run will be better for all beings involved, especially for the humans and maybe for the Vampires too ... it takes an open mind. Don't let the inner wolf get out of control though you have to keep it in check all of the time, if you let it escape just once you may loose complete control of the werewolf forever. Don't temp yourself, some things you just can't resist, now you need to resist them more than ever, raise you guard and don't let anything slip past. Steer clear of any tempataions that seem to set you off into the uncontrollable self that is inside trying to escape. Things that anger you, things that annoy you, things that make you upset beyond the normal human levels of being upset... avoid them. The more expereience the wolf gains of control the stronger he or she will