werewolf spotted in the radio shack superbowl commercial! | | i love WEREWOLVES
Yes, a werewolf made a brief appearance Sunday night in the middle of the Superbowl in surprising of all places - a Radio Shack commercial! Radio Shack's Superbowl commercial was an 80s themed mish-mash of characters.....and one of them was none other than Teen Wolf! (in his 80s basketball outfit and all :-) ) The commercial opens with a couple of Radio Shack employees - one of whom is on the phone. One employee asked the other who it was that called - he replies (with a look of confusion) "The 80s called, they want their store back". Then all of a sudden, 80s music starts, and bursting in the door comes a large group of 80s celebs who proceed to clean out the store of all their old outdated "80s" electronics. And who do you think is right in the mix? A werewolf!! Well, Teen Wolf to be exact :-) . He makes 2 appearances...once when he's clearing the shelves, and the second when he's seen running out the door with his loot. The commercial ends with an empty Radio Shack store and