Werewolf sightings spike in Hull UK as hairy 8 foot half man prowls the countryside | | i love WEREWOLVES
Residents of Hull are worried due to numerous recent werewolf sightings near the nearby waterway Barmstom Drain. Eye-witness accounts of the creature say that it is very hairy, extremely tall (reportedly 8 feet), and appears to be "half-man, half-dog". It is also worth noting that it's not just a single sighting - multiple sightings have been reported of the werewolf creature, all describing similar characteristics. The creature is said to be able to jump over 30 foot fences, runs on all fours, and can walk on two legs when it desires. One resident claims she was walking her dog when she spotted the creature; the dog then refused to go any further down the path. The local Labor Councillor is keeping a diary of eye-witness sightings. Residents are convinced the creature is a werewolf, as the area has historically been home to a specific werewolf known as "Old Stinker". Folk legends go back a century telling tales of Old Stinker. The legends describe Old Stinker as a huge hairy