werewolf plant needs full moon to survive! | | i love WEREWOLVES
There is one plant out there that is waiting patiently, day after day, night after night, for one moment in the month - the night of the full moon! The plant is a new species that was recently discovered - the werewolf plant - and it relies on the full moon for survival! The plant is officially called "Ephedra foeminea", and is a relative of conifers. It is however unlike any conifer anyone has ever known, and was quickly dubbed the "werewolf plant" thanks to its unique method of survival - one which relies solely upon the full moon! The process is simple - and strange: during the full moon, the shrubby plant secretes a sugary liquid intended to attract nighttime insect pollinators which fertilize its seed! It is believed that the plant needs the full moon, as the moonlight from the full moon reflects in the liquid creating a stunning effect which attracts the insect pollinators. The effect is so compelling, that if you were looking onto a field of werewolf plants, to the human eye