werewolf and pets | | i love WEREWOLVES
What would the ideal pet for a werewolf be? Can werewolves have pets at all? We've talked about werewolves and animals before, and the answer is yes, werewolves can have pets. The dynamics between the werewolf and the animal will however be different than they would be between the pet and a human. Most animals that are pets will show extreme obedience to a werewolf. They will typically have ears or tails lowered while in the werewolf's presence. Typically they will avoid eye contact as well, in an attempt to avoid a confrontation with the werewolf. Animals are very empathetic and can sense the power of the werewolf, their instincts will therefore steer them to protect themselves in these simple ways that give a visual cue to the werewolf that the animal does not pose a threat. As werewolf967 has pointed out in the past however, I'd also like to agree with him in that this does not mean that an animal - even a pet - won't defend himself if it feels threatened. A good example is