werewolf or vampire poll | | i love WEREWOLVES
In a recent poll done at the Teen Vogue Young Hollywood Party, a number of teen stars were interviewed to see who they would prefer to be - werewolf or vampire. Of the 4 people that were asked - only one of them picked werewolf. The other three picked vampires. Which is interesting, because if you extrapolate this out across the population, and take into account humans that would prefer to be'll find that the vast majority of humans would prefer to be a vampire over a werewolf. Which leads me to the next question that was asked of me by a human - would a werewolf prefer to be werewolf or vampire? Which is an interesting question, but almost ridiculously easy to answer. Werewolves prefer to be werewolves. Very very few would opt to be vampires instead. There are however a number of vampires that would prefer to be werewolves.