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What is the fascination with the werewolves and London? It seems to me that there is an abundance of werewolf of London related titles ranging from songs to movies. The beginning 1935? The original Werewolf of London was actually a movie filmed in 1935 which was in black and white and starred Henry Hull. This werewolf movie is credited to some as being the first mainstream werewolf movie that came out of Hollywood. It was not until 1941 that Lon Chaney Jr. took the starring role in the original The Wolf Man movie that went on to become on of the most wide know werewolf films even until today. The Wolf Man became so popular in fact that the movie was remade into an updated version where Lawrence Talbots is recreated with modern effects. This 2010 version of The Wolf Man was titled The Wolfman, to some the play with the title and the change of the two word "Wolf Man" to one word "Wolfman" sparked an instant debate. But back to the topic! The fascination with "werewolf" and London." It