werewolf mind wanders | | i love WEREWOLVES
It has been said that when in werewolf form that the werewolves have no prospects, no dreams, no reality. Werewolves do live in the moment but most certaily have dreams and are aware of some of things happening to them, the problem is though that the intensity of being in werewolf form can overwhelm even the most experienced shape shifter. So how can you keep the intensity of being a shapeshifter under control? Shapshifting is an art or skill just like any other, you have to learn how to control it and manage it just like most skills. Learn the drawbacks and consequences of shifting just as much as the benefits. But once you learn this, with experience you will become more self managed, and eventually when in werewolf form your mind will be free of the fog. The managed mind is probably the hardest of being wolf, it is difficult to take control of a mind that strays away from your normal human thoughts but it is definitely possible. Train yourself to snap back to reality but do it first