werewolves dont fear human discovery on halloween | | i love WEREWOLVES
Halloween countdown: 14 days left! As halloween gets closer, you are likely to notice your energy start building. You will feel the urge more and more to be outside, to run, to be active. Part of the reason for this is as werewolf 967 points out - during halloween, werewolves can be themselves. Society accepts you. They assume that you too are in "costume". With this acceptance, you are likely to notice an urge within yourself not to be reclusive and alone, but to be outside - even to join a werewolf pack. Give in! Embrace this feeling. Today, find a werewolf pack, and join it, if only for a little bit. Break your solitude and get outside. Feel the freedom of being yourself during this short time. Tip for today - go outside and run until you can't breath! You won't believe how good it will feel to enjoy being a werewolf. Things will change back in November after halloween is over, but for today, be yourself. You have no need to fear human discovery this month!