Werewolf fact or fiction: werewolf senses | | i love WEREWOLVES
Werewolves see in black and white - fact or fiction? I believe this is FICTION. Werewolves see in color. Also, werewolf vision is relatively poor because their eyeballs are shaped like those of wolves. This means that a depression in the back of the werewolf eyeball prohibits them from seeing great other words, they are slightly near-sighted. As for the other senses, the werewolf sense of smell is much stronger than that of a human...approximately 50 times stronger than a human (wolves sense of smell is 100 times stronger than humans, therefore werewolves - part human / part wolf are only half of that...50.) This explains how they have an uncanny ability to find prey in the dark. The sense of smell is the strongest of the werewolf senses. Werewolf hearing is much better than those of humans. They can hear higher pitched noises than humans hear. One interesting similarity however with werewolf hearing and human hearing is that werewolf ears are positioned on the sides of