Werewolf date music video | | i love WEREWOLVES
Here's a music video from Man Man from the album Rabbit Habits featuring two werewolves falling in love! It's like s short film and starts out with a guy and girl on a date.... "I'm not like other girls." The girl says to her date. Little does her date know however that when she says these words she's not referring to the fact that she's just different, but rather she's very different - she's a werewolf! When she goes to the restroom and returns to the table in werewolf form, her date runs away in fear. Despondent, she goes out, looking for something to mend her heart...and finds...another werewolf! They spend the evening hanging out and having fun - even seeing a movie called Werewolf on the Hood of Yer Heartbreak in 3D. When leaving the movie they run into her old date - he sees them and runs away, terrified. Eventually the evening winds down and they fall asleep. When they awaken, the sun is shining, and the girl has returned to human form...but her date hasn't! Was he a werewolf