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Werewolf contacts (or Special FX lenses) are for humans that want to make their eyes appear non-human....or what they believe a werewolf's eyes would look like. There are a variety of contact lens choices to choose from for your werewolf costume (or not), but all of them do require a visit to your local eye care doctor for a proper fitting - even if you don't require a prescription - so as to prevent damage to your eyes. The contacts work by covering the color of your iris with another color - but not covering your pupil, enabling you to see. In modern day movies, you'll often see on screen werewolves wearing werewolf contacts to make their eyes appear more frightening. A good example is the recent Twilight movie where the vampires of the Volturi wore red-colored vampire contacts. Volturi Jane with Red Vampire Contact Lenses If you're searching for werewolf contacts, you can do a search for things like "SFX contact lenses" or "Special FX lenses" or even "werewolf contacts".