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Is the werewolf catnap an important part of a werewolf's day? The werewolf has such high energy that a werewolf catnap can indeed be an important part of the werewolf's process. A catnap is essentially a short light nap that occurs sometime during a creature's waking hours. Many creatures take cantnaps throughout the day and have found them to be incredibly beneficial. How does the werewolf catnap help? The catnap can help by helping the werewolf recharge after a big expense of energy. A catnap can also help clear the mind and aid in concentration. Because of these two benefits of the catnap, if you find yourself having difficulty transforming a catnap could help clear your mind enough to focus on the transformation. Additionally, after a transformation, you can sometimes find yourself lagging in energy, or snapping at people from tiredness - this is because of how much energy you've used as a werewolf. A quick catnap can give you just the amount of recharge you need to make it