Werewolf Capacity for Love | | i love WEREWOLVES
A werewolf's heart has the capacity to love. Werewolves are known to have fallen in love with humans, other werewolves, and even vampires. The problem is that because werewolves have such a difficult time with trust, it can often appear that they do not love anyone. They often appear fearsome and as though they have no softness to them, but this is not true. Many werewolves go their whole lifetimes searching for love. Their hearts, like most creatures, do seek love and to be loved. If you are another werewolf, you already know about the werewolf's ability to love. If you are a human trying to win the love of a werewolf on the other hand, you must understand that werewolves work all their lives to hide their true selves from humans. They will be hard-pressed to trust you at first, and winning their love and their heart will be even more difficult. But if you are truly in love with a werewolf, you will have to learn patience. You will have to be honest with them about your feelings,