Werewolf Animotion Mask Review! | | i love WEREWOLVES
It can be hard to make a good-looking werewolf mask - to get the right mix between scary and serious can be difficult, so how does the werewolf ani-motion mask stack up against other werewolf masks? Here's what we liked about the werewolf animotion mask: The look. From a distance, the animotion mask looks pretty good. You can definitely tell it's a werewolf. And a mean-looking one at that! The deep wrinkles and the long vicious-looking teeth can easily be seen from a distance, and add a sense of realism that some plastic werewolf masks are sometimes missing. The fit. The mask is fairly lightweight, yet feels sturdy and comfortable when on. It's also surprisingly not overly hot when it's on. In addition, foam pads included with the mask help customize it to your face. When the velcro is tightened around the back of your head, the fit is secure and the mask stays on pretty easily no matter which way you turn your head. Also the mask covers the ENTIRE head, not just the front!