the were-hyena, are they sneaky sly scavengers like hyenas? | | i love WEREWOLVES
The were-hyena is a shapeshifter which has a very bad, vicious reputation...not surprising considering hyenas themselves do not have particularly good reputations and as a whole are considered sneaky, sly, scavengers. As shapeshifters, their reputations are not much better, and they are often given even less respect than werewolves are given. The werehyena is of course a human that shapeshifts into a hyena, which, interestingly enough, is primarily a nocturnal animal....and yes, it is at night during which it is said they transform into their animal self. Some very interesting themes in relation to the werehyena, is that many legends say that the preferred occupation of this creature is that of a blacksmith, or people that forge iron. Legends from Ethiopia claim that almost every - or any - blacksmith could be a werehyena. Legends from the Sudan also claim that during the daytime, the human form of the werehyena is that of a man with red eyes, nasal voice, and lots of hair...and,