Varulv Sweden Werewolf | i love WEREWOLVES
In Denmark, Sweden, and Norway, the name / word that werewolves are called is Varulv. The Swedish description of the werewolf / varulv is similar to the traditional description of the werewolf. The method and means of transformation for the werewolf / varulv however is often attributed to an outside source. In most stories, the would-be werewolf practically has no control over the transformation, but is being effected by something he/she is wearing or has on. For example, in northern Sweden, the belief is that the way you transform into a werewolf is by putting on a special belt. (Of course, one of the oldest werewolf stories involves Peter Stubbe's magical belt). A group called the Samer an indigenous people of northern Sweden are rumored to transform through this method. There are some Swedish descriptions of the Varulv (werewolf) that don't include outside sources of influence like belts and ointments. These stories are more traditional but do include interesting ways to cure the