Vampire Watermelons | | i love WEREWOLVES
Vampire watermelons! Vampire pumpkins! These are not made up fruit - there are actually legends of vampiric fruit! The origins of vampiric pumpkins and watermelons date back to legends and myths passed down among the Gypsies of southeastern Europe and were documented by Tatomir Vukanovic in the 1930s. Some legends say that if you keep a pumpkin through Christmas it will turn into a vampire, other legends say simply that if you keep them more than 10 days they can turn vampiric! Perhaps more bizarre, is that Vukanovic says his research into the legends say that the pumpkins and watermelons "turn" when they fight one another, and that you can tell when a pumpkin or watermelon has "turned" because it will have visible blood on its rind. Luckily, it is pretty much agreed that while they are scary, a vampire pumpkin or a vampire watermelon can do very little damage to a human. Despite this however, gypsies that suspect one of their fruit has "turned" into a bloodsucker destroys it by