Vampire Squid From Hell | | i love WEREWOLVES
It sounds like the name of a horror movie, but it's real... the Vampire Squid from Hell really does exist! Now, if you can get past the name, your next question is likely to be - Vampires in the ocean?! Answer: Only kind need for alarm just yet. This oceanic creature that although not exactly a vampire, does take it's name after vampires - is called the Vampire Squid. Actually, the name is not just vampire squid - but more officially and formally, the creature's name is actually Vampire Squid from Hell - a translation of its official name - Vampyroteuthis infernalis. The vampire squid from hell, although named after the famous undead bloodsuckers we know as vampires, does not suck human blood as its namesake does. Actually, the squids appearance might give some hint as to its name - it is a deep red color, and has octopus-like arms that can spread out, giving the appearance as though it has a cape (as vampires of old used to have). And although both it's description